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Talent management

Talent management—essential to growing and expanding Eaton's position in the marketplace

Key to our growth strategy is a continuous supply of current and future talent. Our greatest differentiator is our employees' collective talent. Talent management means hiring people with the right skills and aligning their career development and goals with our corporate strategy.

To be competitive in the marketplace, we focus on:

  • Attraction: We continue to compete with our peers for a shrinking number of skilled workers. We leverage our global resources to provide a superior experience to our candidates and our employees.
  • Engagement: We make work exciting, engaging and meaningful for our employees, so they can be productive, innovative and satisfied.
  • Development:  We invest in our employees through career development and advancement opportunities. This strengthens our reputation as a desirable place to work.
  • Retention: Our work in engagement and development is key to retention, including inclusion and diversity, career management and work-life balance.

Learn more about the skills we look for in our professional candidates.

We know how to attract and develop quality talent around the globe

Talent acquisition

As a core function of Corporate Human Resources, our Talent Acquisition team leads global recruitment activities for university, professional and executive talent needs. The team develops and executes strategies that enable Eaton to attract and hire excellent talent while providing a positive candidate experience. Focus areas include: 

  • Establishing best practices, workflow processes and standardisation for recruiting, assessing and selecting talent.
  • Expanding capabilities to identify excellent talent with training, workforce planning initiatives and diversity recruitment strategies.
  • Establishing and growing a compelling employer brand.
  • Introducing and integrating new technologies to enhance recruiting, hiring and on-boarding experiences for candidates and our internal hiring teams.

Success is measured through key performance metrics, including customer service ratings.  The team takes feedback seriously, using it to continuously improve the function by taking action on surveys delivered to candidates, new hires and hiring teams.  

Employee engagement

Engaged employees are key to achieving our business strategy and vision. When we fully engage our employees they are more productive, innovative and satisfied in their work. To understand the employee experience and how it influences our success, our employee listening programme is designed to gather information at different points along the employee life cycle (on-boarding through exit). Our surveys focus on outcomes (removing barriers in order to achieve high performance and improve the employee experience) and take an integrated approach to measurement and analysis.

We create focused action plans and leverage the right tools at the right time to address what is heard.  Managers across, up and down the organisation are engaged in this process, so actions can be addressed at the appropriate level.

Balancing work-life effectiveness

Part of attracting and retaining the very best talent is helping our employees balance work, family and personal demands.

Learn more about balancing work-life effectiveness at Eaton.

Talent development

We are committed to continuous learning across the organisation. The Eaton Business System (EBS)—a set of standardised tools and processes that allows us to work globally as One Eaton across diverse business groups and regions—supports information sharing through courses, resource groups and knowledge transfer tools and sites.

Eaton University, our online corporate university, offers an extensive portfolio of learning resources for our employees and stakeholders to advance their knowledge. Through leadership development courses, we foster our future leaders. We offer individual employees the resources and information they need to continuously improve their skills and performance.

Performance and career management

Our performance management system, Achieving Performance Excellence (APEX), links an employee's performance to organisational success. APEX processes and tools enhance goal setting and alignment, development planning, the tracking of progress, coaching, and performance evaluation.

Career management tools provide employees with the knowledge they need to take powerful action and drive their careers forward. A robust website offers training and tools for both managers and employees, supporting engagement in employee career development. The principal elements of the career framework for managers are directly linked to the principal elements for employees. This integrated approach facilitates the dialogue needed to discover, create, and help employees meet their aspirations.  The tools prompt managers to help employees thrive by identifying specific actions and impacts.

Training opportunities

Eaton University offers more than 2,500 e-learning, instructor-led courses and videos for professional development. Partnerships with strategic vendors or universities provide specialised courses and tools that complement Eaton University's online curriculum.

Resources specific to each region in our global operations include:

  • Classes and videos
  • Library and subscription services
  • Global and cultural awareness tools
  • Business consulting services

Four regional learning hubs and 12 online colleges—including a “College of Personal Skills”—offer a variety of learning options dedicated to building employee core competencies in key areas, such as critical thinking, interpersonal and communications skills, productivity tools and Eaton business knowledge.

Additionally, Eaton University adds over 50 new programmes each year and continually enhances its learning infrastructure with capabilities such as virtual classrooms that  facilitate global audience participation and provide a more cost-effective way of providing these key programmes.

Resource groups

Eaton Resource Groups (ERGs) bring together employees who share a common purpose, interest or background.  Inclusion ERGs are a place for employees to exchange ideas and provide or receive mentoring and professional development. Learn more.

Leadership development

Driving performance in all areas of talent management requires good leaders. Our invitation-only “In the Zone” Leadership Development Programmes help employees who have been identified as having strong future career potential to grow into larger roles. Three levels are offered: Executives; Advanced (mid-level) Leaders; and Future (early career) Leaders. The programme covers business, team and personal leadership topics. It is designed to accelerate participants’ knowledge of our business and their readiness for larger roles. “In the Zone” programmes are held globally, with strong senior leader engagement and support.

Our focus on leadership excellence is expanding to include a core curriculum for leaders (front-line leaders, mid-level, executives, general managers and others). We strive to strengthen current leaders’ competencies and develop a pipeline of future company leaders.

Corporate oversight and leadership

Talent Management and Organisational Effectiveness (TMOE) is one of six Centres of Expertise (CoE) within Corporate Human Resources (HR), led by our Chief Human Resources Officer.  TMOE is responsible for acquiring, developing, aligning and planning for organisational talent.

TMOE oversees regional teams that design, develop, implement and manage talent, talent processes, talent policies, technology and services. HR field personnel deploy the Corporate HR programmes and provide critical input and feedback on HR programmes and initiatives.

Resource management

Talent management fuels our global growth strategy with talent. We focus on activities with the highest impact on advancing our workforce over time. To determine what those activities should be, we leverage EBS planning processes to get direction and establish targets. For example, our Organisational Capability Assessment (OCA) and succession planning processes regularly measure talent gaps across each region, business and function.

Our partnerships with external organisations help to advance our talent management programme. We participate in the University of Southern California’s (USC) Center for Effective Organizations. This USC think tank is a centre for sharing and learning best practices with other thought leaders. In addition, as a member of Bersin by Deloitte, we have access to benchmark studies, research and HR tools.

How we measure success

Our competitive advantage is built on our ability to attract, engage and develop current and future talent. We continually evaluate our performance in our focus areas by measuring metrics such as:

  • Employee engagement score—Our goal is to maintain favourable employee engagement ratings. For the last six years, we have sustained an above-average employee engagement score.
  • Eaton University—The utilisation of key learning resources increased by over 20 per cent since last year, reaching record levels in 2017. Employees accessed our online network of functional colleges 240,000 times, where they completed over 350,000 courses and 95,000 learning videos.
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